VIBE – 12 month Program to Shift Your Energy to Your Highest Vibration

VIBE is a year long program that works with you to help you shift your energy to the highest vibration along with your beliefs and manifestation system. If you are not getting what you desire in life, it is because something is off. Your vibration may be lower, your beliefs may be stuck, or you can’t manifest because your manifestation system is clogged.
Vibration Academy (VIBE) is like no other program, because we work in the energy to shift all of this. I align your spiritual energy to your etheric body, to your manifestation system, through a series of exercises and mediations. You will really enjoy the shifting process. People usually feel lighter, freer and more excited about life by the end of a session.

Empowered Living Academy – The 12-month Purpose, Power and Prosperity Experience

12 months of private, high action, soul deep, Empowered Life mentoring. Together, you and Mary Ann will dive deep into your soul graph and write your plan for accelerated freedom. From that plan, concrete action steps will be developed to help you connect to, create and share your divinely appointed legacy


Sage is a highly evolved spiritual soul who works directly with your energy.  She provides guidance and clears energy enabling you to break through existing belief patterns and gives you tools and strategies to attain the life you desire.  Sage’s powerful healing improves and transforms lives.
She is incredibly insightful and just her presence changes your life. I have channeled Sage for over 14 years and she touches and impacts everyone who connects with her. If you are looking for guidance, support or insights, Sage is a powerful way to receive it. People have been working with Sage for years for a reason. She cuts through the illusions you may be holding about life and gives you the support to act.




I am passionate about supporting individuals who are committed to living a life that inspires them. It’s the reason I have put together this one time, Irresistible offer just for you. The complete Discover my VIBE program for only $997 (a savings of over $1,500 with bonuses).


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