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Accelerate your
Purpose, Abundance
and Happiness

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Fixed energy lines tollerra right

Accelerate your
Purpose, Abundance
and Happiness

Welcome. I’m Mary Ann, an energy healer, coach, channeler, and creator of the Tollerra Energy Mastery System.

Over the past 25+ years, I have supported thousands of people from around the world to live a soul-driven life—a life that is authentic, joyous, expansive, energizing, and inspiring—a life you look forward to every single day.
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Creating and living a soul-driven
life is unique to each one of us.
What we share is our desire to get there as quickly as possible. Whether you want to move beyond feeling stuck, unfulfilled, overwhelmed…or you are just ready for more in life, change can happen fast.

Through Tollerra Mastery School you have a guided accelerated pathway to whatever you desire.

Tollerra is a process of creation and transformation through coaching and energy healing. By learning how to masterfully work with universal principles of energy you can accelerate your growth and live the freedom of a soul-driven life.
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I created and teach the Tollerra Mastery School
to accelerate and support your soul’s deepest desires.

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Here are people that we support

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A professional who wants to elevate your life and experience more impact and fulfillment with less effort and stress.

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A curious person fascinated to learn how mastering your energy can create a life filled with purpose, abundance and happiness.

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A spiritual seeker wanting to learn the ancient wisdom of the universe to dive deep and elevate your life.

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A highly sensitive or empathic human who knows there’s a way to use these qualities to enhance your life and the lives of those you love without absorbing others’ energy.

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A traveler navigating life transitions such as divorce, health crisis, job loss or empty nesting and wanting to rediscover your uniqueness, joy and passion.

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A coach, healing practitioner or transformer of lives, looking for a multi-disciplinary approach and proven system to accelerate the growth of yourself and others.

Wherever you are on your soul’s journey, Tollerra is an invitation to create your most passionate, abundant, and connected life. A life that matches your imagination and your soul’s deepest desires. Yes, you can create it and live it. Every day.
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“Through my work with Mary Ann and the Tollerra Mastery School, I have increased my confidence and trust in leading life from the heart and soul. Over the last 20+ years, I have built a successful career with financial stability, but always felt there was something missing. Now, I approach all aspects of life from a soul-driven perspective and it has brought fulfillment, wholeness and joy as well as success and abundance.”

Chief of Staff

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I came to Mary Ann because I was tired of living under the thumb of my inner critic. I knew I was meant for something bigger and I just wasn’t getting there. Mary Ann brought me face to face with my life purpose and guided me in taking actions and empowering me to fulfill it.”

Fine Art/Graphic Design Studio Owner


Take the next step toward your soul-driven life.

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