Are you ready to DISCOVER YOUR VIBE? Use my powerful step-by-step video training to learn how to connect to your personal energy, release stuck energy, and create empowering beliefs to attract the love, health, and abundance you desire.

Empowered Living Academy

If you are successful in most aspects of your life, but there is one area that frustrates you. I can show you the process to achieve your biggest life goals. Helping people design and live the life they want is what I do best. Let me help you!

Vibrational Academy

Vibration Academy (VIBE) is like no other program, we work in the energy to shift you into a higher vibration. I align your spiritual energy to your etheric body, to your manifestation system, through a series of exercises and meditations.


Sage is a highly evolved spiritual soul who works directly with your energy.  She provides guidance and clears energy enabling you to break through existing belief patterns.  You will receive guidance, tools and strategies to attain the life you desire.

“What I learned and experienced working with Mary Ann has created transformative possibilities and innovations in my life and in the companies I lead.”

Di H.

Chief Operating Officer

“Working with Mary Ann shifted me into a new business aligned with my purpose. She helped me break through the fears that were holding me back and move into my vision of a bigger, bolder, enriching business. I am now living in my soulful purpose and creating a joy filled life.”


President and Founder

“One life-saving outcome of working with Mary Ann is a new and improved identification of my vision for a second business. It is a bigger and bolder vision than I was able to hold before and looking at new possibilities have made it come alive again for me. Working with Mary Ann has been all I had needed and didn’t even think to hope for.”


Client Partner

Heal Your Energy, Ignite Your Life
Discover 4 easy but powerful steps to release pain, confusion, and stuck energy

I am passionate about supporting individuals who are committed to living a life that inspires them. It’s the reason I have put together this one time, Irresistible offer just for you. The complete Discover my VIBE program for only $997 (a savings of over $1,500 with bonuses).