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About Tollerra Energy
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From the Latin Tollere
To deconstruct, take down, rise, lift up

The essence of transformation—of energy shifting and moving to create change. Transformation is simply the process of change.

You may have had a similar experience in your life. Things falling apart, so that other things can fall together. There’s nothing quite like that feeling of full body knowing when everything clicks into place and you see how your past created this present moment. The Tollerra Mastery School is a system to accelerate your movement through this natural process of change. It’s an invitation to step boldly into your passion and purpose, to create the abundance and happiness you desire. It provides a guided pathway to learn about the 4 levels of experience: physical, emotional, spiritual, and energetic and how to align your energy to create and live your life exactly how you wish. It’s freedom!
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I didn’t know anything about energy or energy practices but I knew I was ready to “uplift” my life. I was successful in my career yet I knew I could have a greater impact. I had loving relationships but I felt they could be deeper and more fulfilling. Through Tollerra I learned how to clear and expand my energy and align it to my soul’s purpose, making it feel effortless at times to be my best self. It sounds corny but it’s true. My life feels “uplifted” and I feel grounded and energized—and happy!”

Director of Technology

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Before working with Tollerra, both of my children said they experienced me as “neurotic”, or overly worrisome. Now, they say they experience me as calm, supportive and uplifting. The Tollerra Mastery School has helped me identify and heal my trauma, transferring less of it to them. I have also released the terrifying fear of bringing my full self and gifts to the world as a healer and have been living my soul-driven life aligned to my mission of helping millions of children around the world.

Certified Master Practitioner, Coach and Energy Healer

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How Does Tollerra Mastery School Work?

Simply put, Tollerra helps you understand and then dynamically align energy using practical tools and practices. You learn to move and take action with clarity of purpose and deep inner knowing, while increasing your capacity to create with ease and flow. You accelerate your opportunities for growth and increase your possibilities for change.

When you transform your life into soul living…
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You work, play, love, and grow with the deepest authenticity and truth.

You master your energy, you master your life.

On your transformational journey you can often feel a pull, a call – to discover, create, and experience more. More love, joy, purpose, or something you can’t even define yet. You KNOW you must live your life differently, make more of an impact, change your mindset and believe in yourself. You feel the urgency, but one question always remains…. How to do it in a lasting way?

The Tollerra Mastery School was designed to answer that question, with a pathway to guide and empower you to authentic soul-driven living.

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Take your next step with Tollerra

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Go all in with integrating the Tollerra Energy Mastery System into your life and join the transformational Tollerra Mastery School program.
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Get started with the Tollerra Energy Mastery System and be guided to learn about the 4 levels of experience: physical, emotional, spiritual, and energetic and how to align your energy to live a purposeful and abundant life.

The Tollerra Healing Experience Online Program

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Discover and learn about the Tollerra Energy Mastery System in the newly released book by Mary Ann.

Tollerra: Master your Energy Master Your Life 

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