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About Mary Ann

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I’ve always envisioned that our lives be filled with happiness and joy, where everyone is living their soul’s purpose.
Where opportunities feel safe to explore, possibilities feel within reach, and our lives feel abundant, purposeful and energized.

Is this too much to envision and desire?
I don’t think so.

In a world full of people who may doubt this possibility,
I’m glad we’ve found each other.

I’m Mary Ann, creator of The Tollera Energy Mastery System and energy healer, coach and channeler. My passion is to awaken, guide and empower you to live the life you desire.

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I came to Mary Ann as an accomplished person who was stuck. I wanted to make changes and find joy in my life, but it was gridlock. I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t making the kind of movement that I desperately wanted. Mary Ann’s programs helped me to discover and dissolve beliefs that were blocking me. They also helped me to retrieve parts of me that had been hidden through years of just going along to get along. I now shine with a new light and I understand how to go after what I want. I have transitioned into a new teaching career that fits me and feeds my soul.”


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Mary Ann has been my energy coach for 25 years and I would not have my amazing life today without her guidance and teachings. I learned how to trust my intuition, use energy mastery techniques to open my heart, and become a soulful, purposeful business executive, mother, wife and friend. Most importantly, Mary Ann is an amazingly kind human and spiritual being, who shows genuine concern in supporting her clients wherever they are on their path.”

Chief Operating Officer

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My journey may have been similar to yours – I felt a calling for more, despite having a life I thought I had always wanted. I spent years in the corporate world building a career I loved that also supported me to have a well rounded life.

But one day I was in front of my house, raking leaves, and I was struck with a sense of emptiness that I couldn’t explain. I was married to a marvelous man. We had a beautiful home we had built in the suburbs. I had the beginnings of a wonderful family, and my job was stimulating and challenging.
Still, I thought, is this it? Is this all there is to life?

I was living my dream life and yet deep inside, I felt unfulfilled and didn’t know why. My life was full to the point of bursting. Why was I feeling so empty? Perhaps a similar feeling in your life has led you here.

That feeling is what motivated me to go deeper into my spiritual and personal development journey. I worked with a life coach, went to Shaman school, led trips to Peru, reprioritized my values and chose to work with energy as an everyday practice.

That initial empty feeling ultimately led to the creation of the Tollerra Energy Mastery System.

I’ve seen what’s possible in my life and in the lives of thousands of clients when you commit to living a soul-driven life–a life that is authentic, joyous, expansive, energizing and inspiring. I’m excited to share Tollerra with you and see how it can accelerate your growth to live a passionate, purposeful and abundant life.
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What sounds most like you?

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I'm curious and want to explore

Sometimes we just get a hunch that we KNOW we should follow without understanding why.

This was my experience while I was in my corporate career. I started to trust that knowing, and follow my gut. I kept listening to the guidance I was getting and it is the exact pathway that led me to where I am today.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

Visit the Explore page and get access to a range of resources to explore what’s available for you with Tollerra.

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I’m excited and ready to experience

There comes a point when we simply know we are meant to make something a priority.

I was working as a coach when it became clear that the work was wanting deeper engagement from me. Developing and strengthening my intuitive gifts became a non-negotiable, something I was passionate to pursue in order to take my work to the next level.

In the words of Henry David Thoreau,

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.”

Visit the Engage page to discover a program to support your next step in your soul driven journey.

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I'm all in and ready to leap

Is there anything more exciting than taking those leaps that feel so scary and yet so right?

Life shifted for me a year after I had my triplets. Suddenly I felt like I needed a BIG change. I started with the vision of what it would look like to fully live a soul-driven life.

Once I committed to my vision, I created a new business grounded in my soul purpose – a total 180 degree shift from my corporate life. Within 12 months I was completely booked with clients. Just like that I became an entrepreneur, embodied totally new ways of being, and had made a radical shift in my life.

When we leap, the net appears.

Visit the Elevate page to find the right transformational program to support your leap into your soul driven life.

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Mary Ann helped me go inward, discover myself again and find my purpose. Tollerra provided me with a set of powerful tools, guidance, and coaching to navigate empty-nesting! I learned about limiting beliefs and practices to get rid of them and create new, more empowering beliefs. I learned about the importance of understanding and harnessing the energy inside of me and all around me. The daily practices of clearing and aligning my energy are so powerful. Working in groups, one-on-one with my coach, and through my own daily work, I am gracefully transitioning to the next chapter of my life. And, it is so exciting!

Executive Director

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I have worked with Mary Ann for almost two years. She is extremely intuitive and insightful, always knowing just the right kind of coaching and energy work that best supports me and my growth at the moment. She has guided me to view life’s problems as opportunities through a new lens which, in turn, has been transformational. She has helped me to live into my greatest opportunities and her guidance and programs have exceeded all of my expectations.

Serial Entrepreneur

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If you love stats and credentials, this is for you…

I have a Master’s Degree in Education from Boston University, certification from The Center for Creative Leadership, and certification as a Success Unlimited Network coach. My professional experience includes 15 years as a corporate executive working at senior management level and 25+ years running my own energy healing and coaching business.

If you’re curious about my personal life,
here’s a little peek…

I’ve traveled all over the world personally and professionally. I’m the mom of triplets, a wife, and a published author of two best-selling books. My personal passions include skiing, hiking, spending time outdoors, breaking through paradigms, and working with my hands.

It’s my honor to support you, and others like you and to share the Tollerra Energy Mastery System.

Enjoy it. Use it. Live it.
  Mary Ann

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