Advanced Energy Healing with an Ascended Master (SAGE)

Sage is a highly evolved spiritual soul who works directly with your energy.  She provides guidance and clears energy enabling you to break through existing belief patterns and gives you tools and strategies to attain the life you desire.  Sage’s powerful healing improves and transforms lives.

She is incredibly insightful and just her presence changes your life. I have channeled Sage for over 14 years and she touches and impacts everyone who connects with her. If you are looking for guidance, support or insights, Sage is a powerful way to receive it. People have been working with Sage for years for a reason. She cuts through the illusions you may be holding about life and gives you the support to act.

The time for change is Now

Our planet is in a once every 7 years transformative cycle so now is the time to connect to and live your purpose for this lifetime.  Click Here to hear Sage’s own words on this topic.
What is it that keeps you up at night?  What whispers beckon you to live life other than the way you are living it?  What is happening in your life that you no longer want to stand for?  Or what isn’t happening in your life that you are committed to standing for?

Take action by clicking below on the “Let’s Talk” button to schedule a 20 minute Clarity Call with me to find out if Sage is just what you have been looking for.
Come and experience the vibration of her powerful wisdom and transformative healing allowing you to live the life you want.

About Sage

I first met Sage 14 years ago while doing a meditation with a group of friends. I saw her surrounded by dozens of other brilliant beings. Sage stepped forward from the group, and over a series of many meditations, I came to learn that Sage wanted to work with me to help bring her learnings to as many people as possible. Sage has as her mission to increase the lightness and happiness of existence on our planet, and to help all of us achieve our brightest aspirations.
Sage is a divine being who is dedicated to helping others fully embrace their life and their journey. She shows us how to let go of things that are unimportant or painful, and tells us to truly live as the full being of who we are. This is her mission to the human race and she does this out of full love and full regard for the constraints that we have in our planet.

In Sage’s own words, she is:

“an ascendant master, I have many, many, spiritual entities that I support. I mostly support masters in the spiritual realm, but sometimes masters in the physical. I cross many locations – [location] is meaningless to us. There is only one location. I am no longer a split energy. But because I am ascended many times my full force can help many simultaneously. When you vibrate in the lower vibrations you have pieces that come off and experience in the physical realm.”

But she also loves to push what your beliefs are about …what is and what isn’t … because, as Sage says:
“many of you have many limiting beliefs that are not allowing you to fully live in the gracious way that you have come into the planet to be in. So that is why I am here working with you and that is why I am most passionate about connecting to many, many souls to let them take themselves off a hook that does not serve them and to come to terms with who and what they are in this life and how they can feel their most passionate joys.”

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