Tracy Campoli

Tracy Campoli is a total rockstar in the Fitness arena and she is sharing with us how she built her YouTube following and how you can too.  She also shares:

  • How to know you are giving too much
  • Why consistency matters
  • A simple step to build your confidence from the inside out

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Smart money strategies that can empower your business is the language Justin Krane speaks. Discover what Justin has to share about:

  • What profit every business should make
  • Pricing strategies that work
  • The single mistake most businesses make (hint: It involves marketing)

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Justin Krane

Jan Stringer

Jan Stringer, in her upbeat, forward thinking way shares great strategies you can actually use for attracting your perfect client including:
  • How to stand out in a crowd
  • What your vibration has to do with attracting clients
  • How to find your “quiet” clients

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Self proclaimed serial entrepreneur Sheila Paxton shares her wisdom in the area of how to leverage your time with Program Certification Programs as well as:

  • Start your business with the end in mind
  • Use client pain points to your advantage
  • Know your program completion rate (Did you know the average is a only 30%!?)

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Sheila Paxton

Molly Luffy

Molly Luffy in her clear, compassionate and humorous way shares SO many great tips on how to improve your Self-worth to improve your Net worth. (And if your think this isn’t you, I invite you to explore it anyway :))  Molly covers:
  • What to do when you fall into the compare/contrast trap
  • Why it may be the program not working vs you not working!
  • Building confidence from the inside out

Molly is offering you your choice of gifts including:

  • Release your money struggle
  • Connect with your Spirit Guides
  • Free coaching session

If you are finding yourself having the same money conversations over and over again, it came with you into this lifetime.  Lumari shows up how to release your past life money karma and:
  • How to find the money conversation that’s getting in your way
  • The power of “That’s not necessarily true”
  • How your money Karma can be affecting whether you are charging what you are worth in your business

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Renan DeBarros

Renan DeBarros uses some fabulous diagrams to show you how to get clear on YOUR specific sweet spot for your business.  Here are just a few highlights of the interview:

  • You get what you pitch for (so pitch for your perfect client)
  • How to design your business around an Ascending Transaction Model (ATM) for increased profit
  • Why you want to target the “uncomfortably ignorant” section of your market


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It’s all about the energy, Hemal Radia says and goes on to explain why what you are doing might not be working to increase your wealth and success and what you can do about it. He also shares:
  • Why your visualization isn’t always working for you
  • How writing down all your thoughts on a subject can help you shift them
  • How to use your body to figure out what’s on your mind

Free Gift: Hemal is offering you free chapters from his book, “Find You and You Find Everything”.

Hemal Radia

Kyle Brown

Kyle Brown’s enthusiasm and energy are contagious as he shares how developing a powerful mind in a healthy, fit body will create financial freedom for YOU. Here are just a few of the areas he covers:
  • Important distinction between balance and moderation
  • How to win your day before it starts
  • Why keeping your attention on what’s driving you is an effective way to move through

Amethyst WyldFyre shares with us today the 5 Sacred Acts for coming into right relationship with money.  I loved the framework she created to show the 3 levels of vibration around money (I had never heard it described this way) as well as:
  • How to VALUE what you are offering
  • How to get your message out AND experience financial wealth
  • How to break out of beliefs or past experiences that may be stopping you from valuing your work in the world

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Amethyst Wyldfyre

Amy Yamada

The dynamic and powerful Amy Yamada has a heart that embraces everyone and great wisdom to share about pricing, packaging and promoting for profit. In this world where there are SO many options, she shares solid strategies for you to grow your business in a way that works. Some of my favorite nuggets:

  • Are you putting the wrong things first?
  • How to “Do the Math” for profit
  • How to tell if something is an opportunity or a distraction

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James and Helen Jay are Feng Shui masters and teachers. Together they visually share simple, yet powerful tricks for setting up your office, home office and/or home for your business to prosper including:
  • The best placement for your desk
  • How to improve your reputation
  • How to attract more opportunities and wealth for your business
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James Jay

Jeneth Blackert

Free Gift: Jeneth would love to see you soar so she is offering you, for FREE,  3 of the core modules from 10 day SOAR program, Access Your Wings!

Jeneth Blackert is a shining light for creative living by being willing to let go of conclusions that may be blocking her in her business and life and being willing to open herself to new possibilities. She shares some of her best tips including:

  • What questions to ask when you find yourself blocked around money
  • How to unlock and unleash what’s behind your facade so you can be vulnerable with yourself
  • How she went from depressed to Happy for no reason

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Rachel Haviland

Dr. Rachel Haviland has done her research and is sharing it with us! She will be showing you the exact steps to take to create a lead generation machine for your business by leveraging social media. Discover:

  • The Top 3 Most effective and least effective social media platforms
  • What videos hugely influence the buying decision
  • How to build your own perpetual lead generation system

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Antigua Libbey

Antiqua Lisha Libbey has had so many “growth” experiences in this life time (including with money).  Yet, she still shines her brilliance and shares her wisdom to Fast Track your Wealth and Success including:
  • The 6 Major Power Zones
  • The power of constantly upgrading your speaking
  • Why you need to know how you want to FEEL in your business

Free Gift: Antiqua is offering you her training program Get Your Message Out

Melissa Kirk has had the chance to really explore and shift her money mindset and now helps others (including millionaires) do the same.  Some key highlights:
  • Uncovering your family of origin money mindset
  • How to open yourself up to think differently
  • Your fear of being successful is far greater than your fear of failure and how to succeed anyway

Free Gift: Melissa is sharing with you her e-book “How to Manifest ANYTHING

Melissa Kirk

Susan Harrow

Susan Harrow is a top media coach and she is sharing how she helps clients double or triple their business without selling their soul.  She make SO many great points including:
  • Why knowing your signature sound bites is a must
  • Why pleasers don’t make a big impression
  • How to use pattern interruption to make a big impression

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Juliet Dillon Clark knows about building platforms so your message can be heard and today she is sharing that knowledge with you including:
  • Leveraging self-publishing for credibility
  • How to build a platform
  • Why you want to give as a much content as possible (it makes you valuable)

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Juliette Dillon Clark

Jaqcuie Somerville

Jacquie Somerville isn’t your typical motivator. A born storyteller and a self-titled Normalphobe, she will probably shock you and make you laugh while sharing:

  • Why you should ditch your plan B right now
  • Top two habits of highly successful people
  • How to “Do” the inside work to reconnect with your wealth mindset

Free Gift: Jaqcuie is offering you her incredible ebook Six Secrets to Kick Ass Courage and Confidence

Your business is not limited by the environment (including the economy), it is only restricted by your belief systems and what you are willing to receive.  Find out how to partner with your energy to:
  • Have your business be fun easy and create wealth
  • Leverage your universal managers to manifest your business dreams for you
  • Be in right relationship with the business belief system to support you
Free Gift: Angela’s gift is instant access to her 3-step program Tools for Change that will erase and remove the blocks holding you back from living your Ultimate Dream!


Angela Gower Johnson

Re Perez

Re Perez has branded some of the fastest growing people and companies. You have 15 seconds to make your desired first impression! Learn when and how to develop a brand that will:

  • Attract your ideal client
  • Build a desired perception of you and your business
  • Reflect your brand voice (Re shows you how in two easy steps)

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  • A laser consultation
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Chantelle Adams is a speech stylist and courage ignitor who shows you how to get your Brave On in business.  She shares:

  • How to transform your breakdown into a breakthrough
  • Why speaking is more than being on a stage, it is also an important part of sales conversations, video blogs and interviews
  • A sure fire way to move through your fears (she jumped from a plane even though she was scared of heights using this technique)

Free Gift: Chantelle is generously offering her Center Stage Course including:

  • How to get booked
  • How to make 10k or more, even from a free gig
  • Your 90 day speaker plan

Chantelle Adams

Lori Harder

Special Offer: Lori is making our community a special offer for her Body and Soul Program which includes:

  • 3 full body workouts per week
  • Access to the community
  • One Live Team Call a month
  • Book Club
  • and MORE

Today I am so excited to introduce you to Lori Harder! She is a TOP Entrepreneur and self-made millionaire. Lori in her open and inviting way reveals her top mindset and success tips including:

  • Three keys to her success (you can do them too!)
  • An easy way to determine if something is a destination or a distraction
  • The power of community and why you don’t want to “go it alone”

Free Gift: Lori is offering you “Meditations to unleash your inner POWERHOUSE

Julia brings her magical marketing wand to our session today and shows you how her clients start getting results in a little as 48 hours! Discover:
  • How to empower the coach already within you (your intuition)
  • The secret to attracting real people to your tribe that are REALLY aligned with you
  • Why giving yourself permission to like what you like (no matter if it’s “in” or not) will attract your perfect client

Julia Stege

Elena Lipson

YOU are your #1 Asset in your business and Elena Lipson reveals some practical steps you can follow to take care of yourself so that your business can grow with ease and joy.  We cover:

  • The power of finding your own work rhythm
  • How to embed daily practices in your calendar to nourish yourself
  • The importance of allowing yourself to find and connect to a support system
Free Gift: To have you experience self-care, Elena is offering you her e-book:  Awaken Your Inner Goddess!

Kat Loterzo

Kat Loterzo is a woman with a mission and is obsessed with great training of the mind and body as well as creating as much content as humanly possible on the topic of alignment and taking MASSIVE action. Discover:

  • Why you need  to “Get out of your own way” to be successful
  • How to connect with your tribe
  • The #1 step you need to focus on to be successful on-line
  • Don’t get caught up with the right way.

Free Gift: Kat is generously offering you one of her amazon bestseller books:  “Multi-Passionate, Driven Woman Who Wants to Have it All!

Katana Abbott

Rising from a life of poverty, Katana knows too well the struggles of trying to achieve financial security.  At the age of 48, Katana sold her million-dollar financial planning practice to launch Smart Women’s Coaching® and Midlife Millionaires® where she offers private wealth coaching and transformational  retreats to Costa Rica and Panama.

After working with thousands of women, Katana has developed a unique approach to help women create true wealth and a life of vibrant health and happiness doing what they love. Today she shares:

  • The 5 money personalities and what you need to know to ignite your wealth
  • How to create a millionaire lifestyle without a million in the bank
  • The 3 top mindset secrets of millionaires
Free Gift: 3 part video course, “It’s NEVER too late to become a Midlife Millionaire®” Includes free membership to her Smart Women Community, radio show and tips!

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