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Live…Your Soul-Driven Life

A life you look forward to every day.
Full of abundance, passion, and purpose.
A new paradigm for living a soul-driven life with Tollerra.

Be your true self with unshakable confidence and knowing.
Be energized by your dreams with the clarity of your gifts.
Create a deeply fulfilled, soul-driven life.

Experience lifelong happiness.


Accelerate your transformational path to ease and abundance…

The Journey of Tollerra Healing is a program for those who are truly ready and committed to creating an amazing life.

This year-long immersive experience is the most advanced, one-of-a-kind curriculum to align to your soul’s purpose, master the power of your energy, and holistically heal and transform your life.

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It is customized to you and your journey through individual personalized coaching with Tollerra experts along with live Q & A and energy activation calls with Mary Ann.

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You will work on your belief system to hold all possibilities and your energy system to manifest, building confidence and skill in the Tollerra energy practices.

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You will deepen your spiritual connection and learn how to use inner guidance, wisdom and intuition to create confidence and powerful decision making in your life.

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The community combined with training and live calls, guided meditations, healing activations, and more creates a powerful space that accelerates your path.

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Energy principles are universal, which means when you master them, you can use them in every area of your life…. it can feel like magic but Mary Ann has come to understand that it’s just the ease that comes with living a soul-driven life.

What You Can Accelerate

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Mastering your ability to manifest what you believed unattainable

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Removing limiting patterns and beliefs to expand your possibilities

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Knowing exactly what you want and being able to create it, WITHOUT the hustle, “make it happen” grit, or exhausting energy you’ve used before.
Having the clarity of your truest soul desires and the deep understanding of your purpose, then actively moving towards it, as you sidestep and sometimes face head-on, barriers that enter your path.
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This is energy mastery.
It unlocks possibility, accelerates your growth, and delivers
the abundance and happiness you deserve.

I created and teach the Tollerra Energy Mastery System as a practical and pragmatic way of living a grounded life while reaching for the stars, no matter how quickly the world shifts beneath your feet!

Other opportunities with Tollerra


Our engage page invites you into The Tollerra Healing Experience, a life-changing, 4-week journey to experience powerful breakthroughs and accelerate new ways to achieve what you want. You’ll discover how to connect more deeply with yourself, what’s been keeping you stuck, and how to move your life in the direction you desire. This is a great way to experience the benefits of mastering your energy in a self-paced environment where you can play and practice in your own time, using these tools over and over again.


Our Explore page provides numerous resources for you to familiarize yourself with the Tollerra Energy Mastery System. It’s a great place to start if you’re curious. Mary Ann and Tollerra meet you on your path, wherever you are. This page gives you simple energy practice techniques in a variety of learning styles, with options for every step of your journe
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