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A soul-driven life… filled with happiness and joy,
where you are living your soul’s purpose. Opportunities feel safe to explore, possibilities feel within reach, and your life is filled with abundance and inspiration.

When you’re ready to make things happen, Tollerra is here to support you.

What if…

You’re not afraid of doing what it takes to get what you want.

You simply want a path.

That’s Tollerra.

Let's go.

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A new approach to living a soul-driven life...

Come join me and the council of Ascended Masters I have been working with for over 25 years to listen to their wisdom and knowledge and receive healing on all 4 levels: physical emotional spiritual and energetic.

Healing is simply solving something at it’s root cause so it’s moved out of your way for good.  The result is you see noticeable forward progress because your efforts are aligned energetically to your desires with nothing in the way.

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Ever wonder why certain things come easy to you while others feel like no matter how hard you work, you just can’t seem to get there?

There’s a good change there is energy not serving you that keeps sabotaging your forward progress.  that energy could merely be dense energy associated with self-doubt or beliefs that are limiting you.  Your thoughts and beliefs hold energy that can help or hinder you.

The Ascended Masters love to work with those looking to break through old patterns by elevating and aligning their energy.  They will work with you at all 4 levels to release and receive what you are desiring in life.

Whether you are going through a life transition such as career or relationship or you just want more what you are experiencing now, Soul Sessions is a safe place for you to connect deeply with yourself, your soul source energy, so you can step confidently into what is next for you.

Devani Dames

quote iconMary Ann helped me to release limiting beliefs, lineage patterns and stuck energy that was standing in the way of me manifesting my desires and holding me back from stepping more into my power. After working with Mary Ann and the Ascended Masters I activated my healing gifts, increased my intuition, and stepped into ease and flow. She taught me how to communicate with my spiritual guides who help me daily. I now deeply trust my own wisdom. I’m deeply connected to my soul vision and have never felt so confident in myself.

CEO + Intuitive Marketing Strategist

Crystalline Vibrational Cards

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The Crystalline Vibrational Cards were channeled by the Ascended Masters. These cards are powerful tools to help elevate your energy to live into the life you want or release energy that doesn’t serve you. If you are ready to invite in support for what you want to manifest in life, to release what might be holding you back, or just need an energy boost during the day, these cards are magical. Each card has a color, a MHz frequency, and an image, designed to help you create what you desire. The booklet that comes with the cards teaches you how to do some healing spreads, and what each card can assist you with in life. If you are an empath and know that you are impacted from the energy that is around you, these cards are a must to keep you in your own high vibration and to release other people’s energy. Join the Hundreds of people using these cards to create, grow, expand, and manifest in their lives


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Clarity to move forward with authentic confidence...

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Get on the phone with a Tollerra coach and discover the power of authentic alignment + the Tollerra Energy Mastery System to experience meaningful growth. You’ll have 20 minutes of private connection to explore how to align to your soul’s purpose and receive clarity on your next steps to master your energy and master your life.

Leave with the confidence to move forward and understand how to integrate the Tollerra system into your life to accelerate your purpose, abundance and happiness.

Do more with Tollerra


Our Elevate page invites you into a personal, deeply supported, year long opportunity to create more passion, happiness and freedom in your life. You have an opportunity to work directly with Mary Ann through the Tollerra Mastery School. This is the deepest level of work and most accelerated transformation available for those who are ready to experience true mastery of their energy, alignment with their soul purpose, healing on every level to manifest exactly the life you desire.


Our Explore page provides numerous resources for you to familiarize yourself with the Tollerra Energy Mastery System. It’s a great place to start if you’re curious. Tollerra was created to meet you on your path, wherever you are. This page gives you simple techniques, ways to learn in a variety of learning styles, and options for every step of your journey.
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