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How to live a soul-driven life…a life that is authentic, joyous, expansive, energizing, and inspiring—a life you look forward to every single day.

Welcome to an exploration of the Tollerra Energy Mastery System.

An integrated and unique system to master your energy and live a soul-driven life.

If you are ready to take some steps towards creating a life you really love, below I’ve provided some free guidance and information to start you on your way. If you are ready to take a leap head over to the Engage Page, and if you are “all in” and committed to an amazing life head over to the Elevate Page.

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Explore. Possible Ideas to Change Your Life.

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My intention is to meet you on your path, wherever you are.

You can find simple techniques to begin taking steps or more substantial options to help create the life you desire now. When it comes to personal and spiritual growth and transformation, every path is unique. Using the Tollerra Energy Mastery System, you can accelerate your transformation.

Below are options for every step of your journey, designed to match the results you’re looking for and the learning style that best suits you. Choose one, choose them all, or connect with us personally. The choice is yours.

Daily practices that you can use right away to shift your life..

Crystalline cards with booklet

The Crystalline Vibrational Cards were channeled by the Ascended Masters. These cards are powerful tools to help elevate your energy to live into the life you want or release energy that doesn’t serve you. If you are ready to invite in support for what you want to manifest in life, to release what might be holding you back, or just need an energy boost during the day, these cards are magical. Each card has a color, a MHz frequency, and an image, designed to help you create what you desire. The booklet that comes with the cards teaches you how to do some healing spreads, and what each card can assist you with in life.  If you are an empath and know that you are impacted from the energy that is around you, these cards are a must to keep you in your own high vibration and to release other people’s energy. Join the Hundreds of people using these cards to create, grow, expand, and manifest in their lives.


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Understand more about energy and it’s key to lasting change...

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An exploration of energy and how it enables you to achieve the abundance, joy and happiness you desire, written by creator and founder, Mary Ann Robbat. You’ll learn what makes Tollerra different from other personal and spiritual development approaches as you dive into all 4 levels of experience and discover the reason that this system gives lifelong transformation and results. This book is the culmination of years of work, study, and practice all in one place for you to dive deeper and immediately apply to your life.


Boost your energy to attract more of what you want..

the energy awakening2

In each video, you will be guided by Mary Ann to learn and apply simple yet effective daily practices to help identify your “hidden” desires, flip your limiting beliefs and expand your energy to transmute stress, anxiety, and overwhelm. This is particularly helpful in turbulent times and for empaths who tend to absorb the energy of those around them. Expanding your energy doesn’t have to be overly complicated or take hours. These are powerful yet pragmatic tools that you can use one, two or all three videos every time you need support.


Use Tollerra to Transform and Manifest Your Desires

Go even deeper to create freedom, ease and flow...


Our Engage page invites you to go deeper in creating the life you desire by introducing Soul Sessions. These channeled sessions are led with the wisdom of the Ascended Masters and Spiritual Guides, who have deep knowledge of energy and the spiritual realm. They will help you recognize your brilliance, live from your heart and follow the path of your soul’s desire. In these virtual sessions you will learn to master your energy, engaging live with the Spiritual Guides and their powerful energy – ready now to support you.


Our Elevate page invites you into a personal, deeply supported, year long opportunity to create more passion, happiness and freedom in your life. You have an opportunity to work directly with Mary Ann through the Tollerra Mastery School. This is the deepest level of work and most accelerated transformation available for those who are ready to experience true mastery of their energy, alignment with their soul purpose, healing on every level to manifest exactly the life you desire.

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