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Journey of Tollerra Healing

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Imagine waking up on a weekday morning
feeling happy, light and alive.

Connected to your intuition and the flow of universal energy that has already attracted and manifested many of your dreams. You are crystal clear about your next desired manifestation and unattached to “making” it happen, because you have COMPLETE trust.

Excited to get ready for the day because you love your life.

Showing up connected and engaged – inspired and making your unique difference in the world.

A Soul Driven life!

It is all possible.

Through the Journey of Tollerra Healing program of energy activation, daily practices and healing.

Connect with Your Soul Purpose

Connect with Your Soul Purpose
Understand and awaken your deepest purpose for being on this planet. Learn innovative new ways to access and create momentum in your life. Expand your capacity to manifest the life, flow and ease that you want.

Learn Daily Energy Practices

Learn Daily Energy Practices
Stay grounded and centered no matter what is happening around you. Clear and elevate your energy to a high vibrational state. Expand to attract and manifest what you desire.

Experience Sustainable Happiness

Experience Sustainable Happiness
Feel lighter and more alive by stimulating the flow and ease of energy. Have more meaningful, deeper connections in all of your relationships. Grow to the next level in your profession, business, or leadership.

Live a New Paradigm

live a new paradigm
Rooted in alignment with your soul purpose. Fresh effective way of attaining your goals. Deeply connected way of relating to those around you. A new way of being and taking action in your life.
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Working with Mary Ann I really “got” that happiness is an inside job. Using the learnings from the Journey of Tollerra Healing program, I now know HOW to create my own happiness. I have a new way of processing things that happen in my life. I use the simple, yet powerful energy and soul alignment practices to keep myself centered and moving in the right direction.

Marketing Executive

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I knew I was intuitive and struggled with exactly how to use my gifts to attract and keep my clients. The Journey of the Healer program changed all of that. It supported me to boost my confidence, release my limiting beliefs about being visible as a healer and coach in the world, and gave me clarity about what would best support me. Last month I made a difference for over 500 people AND my private clients come back to me over and over because they see the powerful results of the combination of coaching and energy work I learned working with Mary Ann!

Vibrational Healer and Coach

The Tollerra Curriculum

The Tollerra Curriculum

Let us guide you through the 4 Levels of Experience with Tollerra

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Spiritual Connection

1. Spiritual Connection

Learn about your soul, why a strong spiritual connection can have a significant impact on creating lifelong happiness and how to strengthen the connection through simple energetic practices.

2. Emotional Empowerment

Learn how your conscious and unconscious beliefs and thoughts can create suffering or joy and inspiration in your life and ways to shift your beliefs in an accelerated and lasting way.

Emotional Empowerment
Physical Alignment

3. Physical Alignment

Learn about the chakra system and how to clear and amplify the physical, emotional and energetic linkage for a healthy, well balanced life.

4. Energetic Expansion

Learn about energy patterns and how energy is the key to accelerating your growth and living a passionate, purposeful life using powerful energetic tools channeled from ascended masters.
Energetic Expansion

You Will Experience....

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Customized 12
Month Program

Design based on where you are now and what you want to achieve. Your Personal Tollerra Coach will guide you to start with a focus on the most impactful level of experience for you, first,

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Live Coaching and
Energy Healing

Bi-monthly (24) virtual group sessions with Mary Ann to deepen your learning and heal on all 4 levels of experience: Spiritual, Emotional, Physical and Energetic.

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Live Energy Activation and Elevation

Monthly (12) virtual group sessions with Tollerra Coaches to activate, release and amplify energy, accelerating your individual growth and transformation.

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Personal Tollerra Coach

Monthly (12) virtual individual sessions to guide you on your path every step of the way. Your Tollerra Coach walks beside you on your journey to living a soul-driven life.

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Tollerra Library

50+ self-paced recordings, practice guides, meditations and tools available 24/7 to be viewed as many times as you need. These resources will become invaluable.

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Tollerra Immersion

Annual 2 day in person workshop to dive deep into Tollerra to continue to shift your paradigms and activate a life of abundance, joy, passion and fulfillment.
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Tollerra Community

Vibrant online forum of fellow soul-driven, passion-seeking individuals and Tollerra Coaches providing support and coaching in a supportive and loving community.

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If this vision of life calls to you then get ready
to go on the journey of your lifetime.

In the best possible way, we can guarantee your life will never be the same.

The Journey of Tollerra Healing is a transformational program of identifying, transforming and deepening your relationship with yourself and all others.

You will flow with ease in life and reap the rewards of your work, experiencing more joy and love and connection.

If you are ready to unblock and move into your full potential, doing life differently,

you are ready to Elevate.

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