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Are you ready to step boldly?

On this page, you will find various products and programs that support and empower you to create a purposeful and fulfilling life. 

The Tollerra Energy Mastery System is an invitation to step boldly into your passion and purpose, to create the abundance and happiness you desire.

It accelerates your movement through the process of manifesting your magical life.

It provides an accelerated guided pathway to learn about the 4 levels of Tollerra: physical, emotional, spiritual, and energetic and how to master
your energy to create and live your life exactly how you wish.



Tollerra Programs

The Tollerra Mastery School offers unique and innovative programs to support your growth utilizing the Tollerra Energy Mastery System.

When you are ready to jump “all in” these programs are the fastest way to accelerate
your abundance, purpose and happiness by creating and living a soul-driven life.

Tollerra Mastery School

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This year-long immersive experience is the most advanced, one-of-a-kind curriculum to align to your soul’s purpose, master the power of your energy, and holistically heal and transform your life. It is a program for those who are truly ready and committed to creating an amazing life. Explore the vision of your soul, expand your possibilities, and elevate into a deeply fulfilled experience of life. The most comprehensive learning and integration is available through our Tollerra Mastery School program.
The Tollerra Curriculum
Spiritual Connection 1

1. Spiritual Connection

Learn about your soul, why a strong spiritual connection can have a significant impact on creating lifelong happiness and how to strengthen the connection through simple energetic practices.
Emotional Empowerment 1

2. Emotional Empowerment

Learn how your conscious and unconscious beliefs and thoughts can create suffering or joy and inspiration in your life and ways to shift your beliefs in an accelerated and lasting way.
Physical Alignment

3. Physical Alignment

Learn about the chakra system and how to clear and amplify the physical, emotional and energetic linkage for a healthy, well balanced life.
Energetic Expansion 1

4. Energetic Expansion

Learn about energy patterns and how energy is the key to accelerating your growth and living a passionate, purposeful life using powerful energetic tools channeled from ascended masters.

The Tollerra Healing Experience

tollerra experience product

Learn how to work with energy, stay in alignment, and watch your dreams become your reality with this new approach to getting results in your life. The Tollerra Healing Experience guides you to uncover exactly where you’ve been stuck and how to move forward. You will go deep into the spiritual, emotional, physical and energetic levels of experience to understand the missing piece to your growth and how to move your life in the direction you desire.

This online video training program allows you to move through a proven process with pragmatic, accessible tools and practices, at your own pace, as many times as you’d like. You can use this powerful process of energy mastery every time you experience a block or when you want to amplify and align your energy towards a new goal.

The Tollerra Healing Experience is great for anyone who is new to working with energy, in addition to those who know the breakthroughs that can occur when you align your energy. You will work deeply within your beliefs and energy to continue to release and receive what you are desiring in life.

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Align Soul Purpose: Week 1

You’ll receive a high-level overview of the 4 levels of experience, what impacts our soul’s journey, and how to apply the approach to a specific life area where you want to create movement.

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Create Empowering Beliefs: Week 2

Learn what beliefs, either conscious or subconscious, are holding you in place or making movement hard or painful. Together we'll release the energy of your limiting belief and create a mantra to embrace new, empowering beliefs.

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Shift Soul Contracts: Week 3

You’ll discover that soul contracts sometimes appear as deep patterns in our life. You’ll look at the energy of a soul contract and shift it, creating a new soul contract.

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Heal Lineage Energy: Week 4

You’ll investigate lineage energy to determine the impact of family belief patterns and experiences in your life. You can heal yourself and seven future generations, free your descendants and create the space to move into what you desire.

$ 197.00 USD

Energy Awakening Code

the energy awakening code 2

In these three 15 minute videos you will be guided by Mary Ann to learn and apply simple yet effective practices to use daily that will help to elevate and protect your energy. You will identify your “hidden” desires, flip your limiting beliefs and expand your energy to transmute stress, anxiety, and overwhelm. This is particularly helpful in turbulent times and for empaths who tend to absorb the energy of those around them.

Energy alignment doesn’t have to be overly complicated or take hours. These are powerful yet pragmatic tools to realign, elevate your vibration, and feel grounded and centered. You can use one, two or all three videos every time you need support.

$ 37.00 USD
Fixed energy lines tollerra
Fixed energy lines tollerra

Tollerra Products

The Tollerra Energy Mastery System offers accessible and pragmatic products to support your growth.

If you are curious and want to explore the concepts and tools of mastery and how to live a soul-driven life, this offers a good place to start.

Tollerra: Master Your Beliefs, Energy and Manifestation

Master Beliefs Book
People who live the lives they want to live — lives they’ve imagined and created– full of vibrant energy, excited about their future, and at ease with who they are. Achieving this kind of life goes beyond material success; it’s the root of real happiness, joy, and peace.
If this is how you want to live your life, there’s good news. This book offers an effective way to achieve it. By using the three-part Success Triad, you will learn how to harness your energy, shift your beliefs, and become a powerful “manifestor”. A person who actually knows how to turn dreams into reality.
$ 12.95 USD

Tollerra: Master Your Energy, Master Your Life

Master Energy Book
This book is the culmination of years of work, study, and practice all in one place for you to soak up and immediately apply to your life. The most thorough explanation of the Tollerra Energy Mastery System, laid out in an easy to understand and easy to reference format.
Written by creator and founder, Mary Ann Robbat, learn what makes the Tollerra Energy Mastery System different and more impactful than single modality coaching or healing. Dive into all aspects of energy work and discover the reason that this system provides lifelong transformation and results.
$ 19.99 USD

Crystal Bowl Healing Meditations

Crystal Bowl Helaing Meditations
Move stuck energy and attract more of what you want with this bundle of three 15 minute meditations. Designed to boost your energetic frequency, these meditations will attune your energy to receive more joy, love, and abundance in your life.
Crystal bowls offer a unique frequency of sounds to support breaking energetic blocks and align your energetic state to that which you want. You’ll enjoy the relaxing experience of meditation while changing your energy and opening up to new energetic states of creation, ease, and flow.
$ 9.99 USD

Soul Alignment Call

Get on the phone with a Tollerra Coach for a complimentary call to discover the power of soul alignment and the Tollerra Energy Mastery System to experience meaningful growth. You’ll have 20 minutes of private connection to explore how to align to your soul’s purpose and receive clarity on your next steps to master your energy and master your life.

Leave with the confidence to move forward and understand how to integrate the Tollerra system into your life to accelerate your purpose, abundance and happiness.
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