What is the genesis of VIBE?

For the last 14 years I have been teaching two healing schools. One was for beginners who wanted to learn how to become a Shaman. After they graduated, they shifted to advanced energy practices. Over the years it became really obvious to me that people truly attract what they desire when energy is aligned to their intentions and belief system. However, many of us don’t resonate at these high vibrations and therefore, it takes a lot of work to bring in what we want in life.

About VIBE

VIBE is a year long program that works with you to help you shift your energy to the highest vibration along with your beliefs and manifestation system. If you are not getting what you desire in life, it is because something is off. Your vibration may be lower, your beliefs may be stuck, or you can’t manifest because your manifestation system is clogged.

Vibration Academy (VIBE) is like no other program, because we work in the energy to shift all of this. I align your spiritual energy to your etheric body, to your manifestation system, through a series of exercises and mediation. You will really enjoy the shifting process. People usually feel lighter, freer and more excited about life by the end of a session.

Why it works:

Do you know that we attract what we want when our vibrations are high and our thoughts and beliefs align to this high vibration? What I mean by this is, we can have whatever we desire in life if we do three things really well:

• Shift our Energy to be at its highest vibration

• Align our Beliefs to be in support of who we want to be

• Put together manifestation practices – by aligning yourself to the vibrational energy of your soul so you can manifest more easily and at the same time put together a plan to get what you want.

Tangible Results:

After each session, I hear back about amazing breakthroughs. Here are just a few:

Business Clarity: One of the VIBE participants had been working for months on her new business and what she would offer and couldn’t seem to get clarity. In the VIBE program, she got a name for her business, how she should package her offerings and on the way home secured a new client. That’s what I call a breakthrough.

Financial Abundance: Another VIBE participant is always telling me that she can’t afford not to come to VIBE because, after every session, large checks show up in the mail for her. Clearly she is opening her ability to receive Financial Abundance.

Are you looking for results, are you looking for a new way to show up in your life? Are you looking to bring your energetic vibration to the highest level to expand your life into a life of ease and flow?

You will want to consider VIBE.

VIBE What’s included:

• 4 in person sessions at 3 Bow Street in Lexington
• Sessions are 2 days each
• Private VIBE Community for unmonitored support in between sessions

Contact Me if you are called to this program and want more details.

I am passionate about supporting individuals who are committed to living a life that inspires them. It’s the reason I have put together this one time, Irresistible offer just for you. The complete Discover my VIBE program for only $997 (a savings of over $1,500 with bonuses).


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